Thursday, 23 August 2012

TV Guide And The 'C Story'

The C Story is your Monster Of The Week or Case Of The Week. The C Story is 'what this week's episode is about'. Remember, your C Stories will be resolved in each book.

The TV Guide is a great place to see descriptions of C Stories. The description of the C Story is how the Guide draws viewers to shows.

Here are a few exmples from today's listings:

Criminal Minds:
When one half of a serial killer duo commits suicide, the team must identify and find the other killer, who had abducted his next victim.

Rookie Blue:
Andy and Nick cross paths with a powerful drug dealer while investigating a death threat aimed at a priest. Meanwhile, Chris and Swarek argue over what it takes to be a good cop.

New Girl:
Jess babysits Russell's daughter for the weekend and has her first enounter with his ex-wife. Elsewhere, a pregnancy scare sends Cece and Schmidt into a panic, and Nick dates a younger woman.

Here are a few examples of episode descriptions from the first season of Sons of Anarchy

Episode 2:
A new deputy police chief arrives in Charming, and Jax suggests a non-violent way to throw him off Samcro's tail. Meanwhile, Opie is forced to make a difficult decision over his relationship with the Sons when Donna faces financial hardship.

Episode 3:
Samcro members take arms to capture an assailant after the daughter of a prominent Charming family is assaulted. Meanwhile, Tara's ex-boyfriend pays a visit.

Episode 4:
The club head to Nevada to help out a brother club, the Devil's Tribe, after they receive threats from the Mayans. Meanwhile, Tara's ex-boyfriend begins investigating Samcro.

So, you can see that the C Stories are the events that concern your characters in each story.

With A, B, and C stories, you have the making of a series.


  1. Can I just say that I love the series of blog posts you've written so far and I can't wait for what else you have to say on the subject. Thank you so much for taking of your time to share it all with us!

  2. Hi, TG. Yes, you can certainly say that. :) Glad you're enjoying it.